From Personal Blogging To Reaction Blogging

Rad Blog!


Prompt time! These have been good lately!

The Stat Connection


This one asks for me to go to my stat page and look at my top 3 posts (probably of all time) and write about why they are the top 3 and what do I think links them.


Well, that’s really easy. Without looking, I’m going to predict my top 3 posts.


They will all be Drink Reactions, I’m sure. I’m gonna say Lady Libertea, Sno-berry, and Shaq Fu Grape. Let’s see.


Stay with me. The new stats page is rather lacking. Luckily they kept the old-ish one up still so I can see my “All Time” posts I think. The new one limits me to years, at least I think so since I can’t find “all time” anywhere.


Boom! What did I tell you? I got all three, but it is in a different order than I wrote them there. Lady Libertea, Shaq Fu Grape, and then Peace Tea Sno-berry. I thought Sno-berry would pass Shaq Fu Grape because it has been getting a ton of views lately.


So, what’s the link? Well, obviously they are all Drink Reactions. I’m gonna be honest here. People come to The Rad Blog for the Drink Reactions. They don’t care about my personal life or anything symbolic. They wanna read about how these drinks taste. They wanna see what the can or bottle looks like. That’s where the traffic comes from most of the time. The other traffic is from my REALLY old posts on like baby names, but that is a satirical piece so it stopped being relevant I think. I get people still when they search for “rad baby names.” You should absolutely name your newborn child Jeep Wrangler. It is a great name.


It isn’t that these three drinks are the best/most well written reactions, I think. These three drinks are unique and/or limited. Lady Libertea was out for a Fourth of July time and I only found it in that one grocery store. I never found Lady Libertea again after buying it that one time. Fair enough. I didn’t really like it. Shaq Fu Grape is also limited, I think. Soda Shaq isn’t even sold in my area any more. Shaq Fu Punch may not be sold on the west coast. Shaq is a hugely popular guy; he is probably my favourite celebrity. Shaq stuff is gonna be searched for, but I’m surprised that it was for Grape Punch. I thought Soda Shaq would get more views. Sno-berry is also fairly unique. It isn’t defined as a real flavour. No one really knows what it is so they look up “what flavour is Sno-berry?” and it brings them to my taste test. I’m kinda surprised with that one because Sno-berry is fairly common. It is probably sold everywhere.  I’m more surprised that it is booming with popularity in the past 6 months or so.


What’s the link? I believe it is my pictures and writing that brings in the views on these Drink Reactions. The drinks with the most views are fairly unique in that people want to see what they look like or what they taste like.


Lady Libertea has like 1000 more views than Shaq Fu Grape. Wow. That’s substantial. That just further proves my point that people were looking for that unique/limited drink.


Anyhow, that’s my posts. I linked them in the beginning of this post for all newcomers to read or veterans that want to re-read.


Maybe this blog should be more about taste tests and less personal? Naw. This is the Rad Blog. I do what I want and I have always done what I want.


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