They Will Always Call Me Chas

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Daily prompt time!
Say Your Name


This prompt asks me to talk about my name. Was I named after anyone? Are there stories attached to my name? Would I re-name myself?


Well, let’s start with the basics. My name is Charles, but that’s so old-school so to make my name part of my identity, I go by Chas. It is me.


I decided to spell it with a “s” instead of a “z” because I found most “Chaz” spell it with the “z.” I don’t really like the “z” in all honesty, but a lot of people spell my name with a “z” anyway. It is okay. When I kept my name as Charles, people would always as me if I preferred something else like “Chuck” or “Charlie.” I almost went with “Charlie” but I don’t like it that much. Chas is me. I’ve met a few others that spell it with the “s” but not nearly as many compared to “z.” That makes me unique I suppose. That’s what I am going for anyway. I’m an individual Chas Rad. There’s only one Chas Rad, I hope.


Anyhow, would I re-name myself? I guess I did, but at the same time it really isn’t a re-naming. Legally, I am still Charles. Chas is short for Charles. It eliminates the “rle.” Would I pick a completely different name? Lemme tell you a story!


I always grew up with a revolving name. My parents called me by my initials, but it was the same as my pop. I was “little.” As you can tell, it didn’t stick. I went by Charles in school, but I would never sign my name as “Charles.” No. I was always something outrageous. When I was really young, I was way into The Three Stooges and Moe was my favourite. I wanted to be like Moe so I would call myself “Moe.” I outgrew that and then I had a French phase where I wanted to be called “Escargot.” Yeah, I don’t get it either. You can see it on my super old games. My game profile will be named after these names. Eventually, Chas came to power. I adopted the personality of Chas Rad in high school and I’ve been this way ever since. My last name isn’t really “Rad” yet, but that’s not part of this prompt. This is talking about my first name.


Chas it is! Chas it will be. My brother and pop still call me “Chuckles” from time to time. It is better than “Chuck.” I had this teacher who on the first day of school was looking at the class sheet and calling out the names for attendance. He got to my name and said “Chuck? Is Chuck here?” I didn’t say anything because I don’t go by bloody “Chuck.” Eventually he added my last name and I told him I was present. He then asked me if I went by “Chuck” and I told him not a freakin’ chance. The guy assumed I was Chuck. That’s not cool, man.


Am I named after someone or something? Mostly relatives as I suspect most people doing this prompt will be. It isn’t until this generation (mine) that name their kids after stupid stuff like One Die-rection songs/members or cars. I suppose some people, new and old, are named after Bible books. That’s still popular.


No, I was named after my father, who was named after his father.  I also have an uncle who is named after his father with the same name. Charles is pretty darn common. It means “Manly” or “Farmer” depending on which dictionary you reference.

Where does it come from? Charles The Great. The king! It is a royal name. We know him as Charlemagne. He is King Manly. It suits me as I am the King of Rad. Charlemagne was so great, he inspired people to name their sons after him. It comes from the German name “Karl” which means the same thing, “manly.” Did I just look this all up for this post? No! I’ve actually looked this up a while ago and etymology sticks with me. I love it. Charles is primarily English, but there’s a Welsh version of it, which I can’t remember at the moment. I’ll go look it up right now. Siarl. That’s it.


Apparently (I forgot about this part of the etymology) Karl also sounds like/almost looks like a German word for “army.” Either way, I’m pretty sure Karl and Charles are probably one of the most BA names you could ever give a kid.


What else does this ask? Nothing! I touched upon all the questions.


I’ll give you my conclusion then. Charles is a cool name, but it is generic. There’s a ton of people named “Charles.” It is the 54th most popular name in the USA according to some chart I just looked up a moment ago.  There is only one Chas Rad. The name is me. The person is me.


If this Chas Rad gig every gives up, maybe I’ll start going by “Siarl.”


Naw. I can’t even spell that without looking at the word as a reference. Maybe I’ll just go back to “Escargot.”


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