Game Log: American Truck Simulator- Day 2

Beep Beep! I played again and my enthusiasm has not even gone down a little bit.


I failed to mention on Day 1 that I took a look at my surroundings in the camera mode. What is the camera mode? Basically, it pauses the game and gives you a camera to take a picture of the surroundings. When I say “pause” I mean it freezes everything in place. The truck is there on the road as well as all other NPC cars. You are now in a third person perspective.


Anyhow, I took a look into my truck and I saw the NPC behind the wheel. He looks nothing like Hannibal. Not even a little. This dude kinda looked Hispanic with a medium length haircut and I think a small goatee. I wonder if I picked a woman icon would the Hispanic looking guy still be there.


Anyhow, I kicked off my career by doing some more jobs to further away cities. I wanna expand my routes as best as I can. I decided to go from Vegas to Reno. That was probably the longest drive I’ve had to do in the game so far. I got stuck in the Peterbilt again, but thankfully the truck is built to be smaller.


I’ve noticed that the trucks are the same model, but have different accessories like a bigger cabin or different mirrors. This is the most basic Peterbilt in the game. The others that I found harder to see out of have more accessories. The same goes for the Kenworth trucks.


Anyhow, I drove to Reno with no problems other than a stupid speeding ticket. I swear, it is near impossible to go from 65 to 35 in a matter of seconds. The darn police cars are so abundant in this game that there’s very little room for error.


The delivery went well so I kept on going. This time I got a bigger Peterbilt.


Man, I messed up a lot. While trying to merge onto the highway, I yielded, but some jerk NPC decided that I was too close to the lane and barreled into me.  I got a fine for a crash! What! I wasn’t even moving! I was on the ramp still and the NPC kinda moved into me! I had my turn signal on and everything too.


I did also manage to scrape the shoulder guard thing on accident. I was distracted by the scenery. The mountains looked really cool and I was trying to get a nice look at them, but I guess I went a little too far off the road and hit the little barrier thing. Oops.


At this point, I leveled up a bit so I had more options when it came to shipping stuff. I picked the unlocks for flammable liquids and I think corrosive liquids. I can’t really remember exactly which, but I know I picked flammable for sure.


Basically, I can ship propane and propane accessories.


I did a few more jobs going along the southern coast of California. I got to see a lovely view of the ocean during sunset. It was quite fantastic if I do say so myself. I have a few screenshots of that.


On the bad side of unlocking more and more stuff to ship, it gets a lot harder to park. I swear these trucks and trailers are a lot longer than the ones in Euro Truck Simulator.


Here’s the situation! I was delivering propane to a gas station in Oxnard. I had to check in on the one side of the gas station. I picked the “hard” trailer parking and all they really wanted me to do was put it on the other side of the gas station.  Easy, right?


Not really. See, I have to back out of the gas station because the turn to get to the other side is too narrow and my trailer will hit a pole or worse…the actual gas pumps. This leaves me no option but to back out onto the busy road. The only problem with that is that I have to avoid cars, but I can’t really do that since the NPC drivers will try to take any open window to zoom past me. They end up crashing into the trailer before I can even react to them.


I ended up getting frustrated and hitting the skip button. I’m still perturbed about that, but this wouldn’t have been a problem if I didn’t have to check in on the other side of the gas station. The check in made the parking a lot harder than it had to be. It is a bloody gas station. It isn’t like there’s multiple buildings blocking the front office’s view of a giant truck with a propane tank on the trailer. Why can’t I just check in on the side where I have to park?


I think there’s an option to make the game always pick the hard parking spot, but I kinda like seeing where the normal spot will be. Even the normal spot for the gas station would have required me to back out onto the road because it was too much of a narrow turn for me to do at the check in spot.


Anyway, I had an easy delivery to a vineyard! There’s 3 apparently in the game and there’s an achievement for doing jobs for all 3. This didn’t count since I did a job to them, not for them. At least I know where one is now. As soon as I find the other two, I’ll probably post a guide on where they are.


For now, I wanna get better at parking in this game. Euro Truck was kinda straightforward with the parking. Also, I’m fairly sure the trucks and trailers in that game are shorter. These American trucks aren’t wimps. They are huge. I am still getting used to the side of the front. Unlike Euro Truck, the front sticks out a bit so it limits the room I have to pull up to a wall when I’m trying to straighten my trailer when backing into something. In Euro Truck, I had a flat front of the truck so I could basically drive right into the wall if I wanted. I really need to get used to the length. My turning is a bit off too. I find myself seeing the tail end of the trailer drifting into opposing lanes when I turn or dragging on the grass. I accidentally bumped a parked car which made its alarm sound. It was quite funny actually.


I thought I liked the Kenworth trucks better, but I find that I feel the same in both Kenworth and Peterbilt. I’m curious to try the Mack and Volvo trucks when they get added eventually as well as Freightliner. I’m holding off on buying my own truck for two reasons. First, they are really expensive. I can go to the in-game bank for a loan, but that brings me to the second point. I wanna see the other trucks. I’d hate to buy one of these two trucks I’m not really set with just to find that I like how the Mack or Volvo or Freightliner feels. That’s what I liked about Euro Truck. I tried all the brands before buying my Renault. I liked the feel of the Renault the best. Now that I have been playing that game for a while, I ended up buying the other brands for the achievement/for my employees.


I guess I can do that with the Kenworth or Peterliner, but I don’t know how long it will be before new trucks get added. I don’t want to be stuck with these two for a year or so if they don’t end up adding any new trucks for a while. I’ll just keep doing the quick jobs for now and build my own bank. If it does end up being a long time before they add any new trucks, I’ll have a good supply of money by then so I can ignore the bank loans.


We’ll see. I still have a lot to tweak with my driving. I’ll get there soon enough!


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