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I’m still frustrated from last night, though the initial reaction is gone.


I’m still thinking about games and everything. I’ve come to a conclusion after thinking about it.



The problem is that I think I’m just losing patience with things I enjoy because I’m just lost. I have a bunch of stuff to deal with and I don’t wanna feel anything. To avoid the pressures of finding full time work and a place to live, I have somehow made myself not feel anything. I don’t get stressed about the important stuff, but I also don’t feel any joy from things I used to love.


Oddly, I feel more rushed. I feel like I have deadlines when I have never felt rushed before. School always had deadlines, but I managed the time perfectly. Even if I didn’t, I didn’t care if I was late.


The odd part is that there isn’t a deadline anymore. There’s no one trying to kick me out of the house. There’s no one saying I need a full time job now. Why am I rushing myself then?


I believe I’m trying to compare myself to others which makes me want to rush.


This is my least favourite thing about me lately. I’ve become more and more attached to what others do after a lifetime of not caring.


I need to jump back into that mindset. I shouldn’t care what others are doing. I don’t, deep down. Maybe I’m trying to convince myself that things aren’t so bad by seeing what others are doing.


Anyway, games are stupid. Pokemon’s ending really doesn’t matter because I’m gonna forget about it in a few weeks or months or whatever. The game has nothing to do at the end too. Platinum had the daily battle thing and the Frontier where I played with Jonny C back in the day. This has bugger all. There’s a safari for certain types of Pokemon, but I have no friends. Thanks, Pokemon. I know I have no freakin friends.


Here’s how the Friend Safari works. You get to the little building and there’s some lady there. She says a bunch of stuff no one cares about and then you can pick a friend’s safari. Each friend has a different type of safari that will never change. What types? I’m talking about Pokemon type. To get all the Pokemon ever, you need enough friends to make all the types. I have 2 friends. That means the other 7 million types are impossible to get unless I plead with people online to add me. I don’t wanna add people because I hate them. If you aren’t my friend for real, there’s no reason to add you.


So, I have a rock and ice safari I can use. Mine is ghost AKA the second stupidest type after bug.


The safari unlocks more for friends if you progress further in the game. I finished the game so my brother could have full access or whatever to my haunted safari.


That’s why I beat the game.


Here’s my quick review on Pokemon X. It was really engaging for a while, but then it got monotonous. It was just battle after battle after battle. The visuals are probably the best I’ve seen in a Pokemon game, but that wasn’t enough to capture me. For kids just starting out in Pokemon or kids whose first game was Pokemon Black or White will find this awe inspiring. Veterans will be hit or miss like me. The initial thrill of the game makes it worth buying if you own a 3DS because it is relatively cheap and you’ll waste a few hours in it. There’s no bloody end game unless you’re actually trying to catch every Pokemon. Oh, I suppose you can say the Battle Castle or whatever the heck they are calling it is end game material, but do you really wanna keep battling after battling over and over again for the last quarter of the game? I don’t. It doesn’t have the gimmick of the Frontier in the older games.


That’s my last Pokemon game probably. I have no interest in Omega Ruby. I have no interest in future generations.


I’ll honour my last team with these words.


Giles the goat, you were cool and all, but bloody useless.

Sebastian the lobster, you were useful, but slow.

Seymour the seahorse, you were fairly useful but very slow.

Amelie the cat, you did bugger all.

El Guapo the luchador, you are my hero wand will go down in my hall of fame.

Maurice the evil looking thing, you had a lot of potential but were bloody useless.


With that, I retire my Pokeballs and hats. I’ll leave the Pokemon to the kids. I’ll keep my experiences for myself and just replay Platinum until the end of time.



I should really make my Hall of Pokemon Fame. That would be fun.


Well, I’m feeling better now with these two posts. We are almost at a new year of Rad Blogging! Hopefully I get another post or two in before that.


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