Rad Blog’s Advice To Blogs

Rad Blog,

Daily prompt time.

Key Takeaway


This one asks to give advice to all the other bloggers out there on WordPress. I shall try my best.


I’ve been doing these daily prompt-bits for a while now and I see people posting and writing about their take on it. That’s cool.


The most important thing I can tell all blogs here is that the write should be the blog. What is that?


I’ll take my blog here for example. Everything here defines Chas Rad. I don’t write posts for the sake of writing posts. I don’t write posts in prose because it isn’t me. I do some creative stuff when I feel like it, but I don’t force myself.


Blogging should never be about forcing yourself to make a post. Trying too hard is a drag. I always reference Don Juan’s “some things work out best when you don’t try so hard” quote.


So, daily prompts. Yeah, I don’t do em every day for different reasons. That doesn’t mean I’m a heathen or anything. It just means different things inspire me to write. I love my Drink Reactions. I have another one planned for this week. Sometimes I don’t feel like writing at all.


So, what am I saying? The blog is you. What you post is your life or your experience or your whatever. It is a part of you. When people read, they are seeing you. That’s how you make a rad blogger.


So, sure, writing about you is cool and all, but what about the views and the activity? I mean, that’s important too I suppose, but I’ve never built the Rad Blog that way. Doing prompts is great for community building. Reading other people’s blogs lets me find some interesting people.


People come here to read my stuff too I think. I don’t really know if they like it or anything, but that doesn’t matter to me because the important thing is that I’m expressing myself. I think that should be an important thing to consider if you’re looking for views.


The true you will bring the views, I guess. Also, make sure you use tags and categories. They help too. Don’t over do it though.


A lot of people like images too. If you express yourself though pictures, then go forth and add it! Me, I do it for the drinks. I’m a pretty crappy photographer and I’m not symbolic enough for art.


The point is, do it your way. That’s what a blog is for, anyway. Personal Blogs…I mean. Company blogs are a different subject.


Well, that’s the post. Blog on, WordPress people.




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