MNA: The 1970’s Chicago Bears

I’ve had a taunt today. I acted appropriately. I didn’t lose my cool. This is an accomplishment.

I’ve actually had several opportunities to lose my cool, but I didn’t. I’m doing pretty well.

Sports? I’m into them. The NFL is something I care very little about, but I did this year because of a fantasy league. I won by the way.

Anyhow, I’ve pretty much gone back to not caring about the sport because of well, a lot of reasons. I still have some interest because of how engrossed I was in the fantasy league. Who do I think will win the Superb Owl? Well, I know that the NFL is sorta inconsistent and that all it takes is one bad game. This is like saying that a team like Sunderland could win the Premier League because they beat Arsenal one time. No.

They could for the FA Cup but that’s a tournament rather than a league. The NFL tries to make the best of both worlds by only allowing the best teams to compete in their playoff tournament. It’s okay I guess.

So, my answer is I don’t bloody know. Arizona probably. Carolina? Anything could bloody happen. I thought the Redskins would win because of their good form but then they bottle it against the Packers who weren’t very good most of the season and then decided to get their act together at the end. I’ll stay out if the NFL. Promise.

I’ll keep to English football.

I should sleep.


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