Where Will I Be When I Am Not To Be

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Daily Prompt time. I’m late to this one, but of friend Fico wrote a really good piece on this so I’m inspired to write my own take.



So, this prompt asks how much does faith play a role in my life. I guess people are talking about gods or something. I’ll tell you my official/unofficial stance on religion. I’m not gonna try convincing you to follow me. I am also not looking to be converted or whatever.


I grew up in a pseudo-religious house. My ma came from a background of fairly religious people and it kinda drifted down to me, so I was taken to church on Sundays sometimes and placed in religious education classes. I was one of the “good” kids where I didn’t cause problems or text in the class, so people automatically assumed I was really into religion. That wasn’t really the case.


Learning Catholicism, people really pushed the idea of believing and power of Jesus or whatever. I never really felt it myself.


I ended up not really believing in some higher power, but I never denied I did. I never said I was an atheist. I had a friend that was really into atheism and argued with priests and stuff.


So, that makes me agnostic then, right?




So, if I don’t believe in a higher power but won’t deny its existence, then what am I?


Here’s the thing, why should it matter? I don’t care if there’s a higher power. I don’t care if there isn’t. I have no interest in figuring out what the meaning of our afterlife is because I’m alive now. I don’t need to serve some higher power in my life just so I can be “good.”


I can do good all by myself.


I don’t need some mandate from heaven to have a moral code.


I didn’t know what this belief was called, but I found it recently. It is called moral apatheism. Moral apatheists believe that figuring out if there’s a higher power or not doesn’t really matter and usually a waste of time, but they still wanna be perceived as a decent or moral person.


So, faith really doesn’t mean anything to me. It plays no role in my life other than a topic to write about on the blog. Do I still go to church when my ma asks me to go? Yes. It is just something to do. It doesn’t have to mean anything.


I can argue religion is both good and bad. It gives people good moral tracks if they are pretty devoted to following it. On the other hand, being too devoted causes wars or whatever you call today’s politics.


I know people might think that if I don’t care if there’s a higher power or not, then why not just say I don’t believe in it. I don’t wanna say that because that causes unwanted prodding. Also, I don’t NOT believe either. At the same time, I also don’t necessarily believe.


It is just that I don’t care. I don’t need to take a stance because I don’t want to take one. I don’t have to either. I can see why people feel like they need to take a stance, but we really don’t have to. It isn’t written that we have to say yes or no to this kind of thing.


That’s just a little bit on that. This is probably the last I’ll talk about religion because I don’t typically deal with that subject.




2 thoughts on “Where Will I Be When I Am Not To Be

  1. It is indeed true that the existence of a god cannot be proved or disproved. Not taking a stand is an honest thing to do, when you have no conclusive evidence or conviction one way or the other.


  2. Definitely got a ton of great points here. It is a very interesting subject since religion is something that you consider not really important, at least to the point where it won’t control your life. And to me, religion has never been something that has served me any good. I’m here visiting my family and I see the effect that religion in it’s entirety. And I am alone in the family. I don’t feel it does anything completely positive that, family alone cannot provide. Instead maybe your family will not turn you into a fearful person or a bigoted human being. But I am glad that you took the high road. You don’t need it. 😉


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