MNA: The Bike Post

Rad Blog.

Excuse the spelling mistakes. I’m at the gym and on a bike.

Yes I go to a gym and no it isn’t because of some resolution. I’ve been here since Thanksgiving. I’m trying to regain my fitness. I really wanna get back into football again. I used to get winded after one sprint, but I’m doing better now that I’ve been at the gym. I run like 5 miles every other day. Slowly, yes, but I’m doing it!

There’s a lot of people here for a Saturday. I think a lot of these people feel guilty about eating so much during Christmas that they came today. I skipped Christmas Eve because I hurt my ankle. It is about 60% right now so I’m taking it easy on the bike.

I’m just riding it for an hour today. Got 6 miles so far if I can trust this distance gauge. I think I can because it feels pretty accurate.

I don’t really do much with weights. I’m not really built that way. It seems really popular here to lift a lot. There’s a ton of dudes here that look like they could bench my house but collapse if they ran 20 feet.

My only problem with this bike is the seat. I keep sliding off it. That might be my shorts’ material’s fault.

I need new shoes. I’m rocking the Converse Chuck Taylors. They offer very little support. I guess people used them back in the day, but things were different then.

I got this game made by the same guy who did Cook, Serve, Delicious.  It is called The Oil Blue. You are an offshore oil driller and you have to fill orders of oil while operating machinery. It is pretty hard but I think it is pretty darn cool.

Huh. That’s the first time I’ve ever seen an actual Trump for president thing around here. This guy walked by with a shirt that said it. I’ve seen a sign for that Sanders guy, but nothing else.

Disclaimer! Chas doesn’t support anyone in the race for president. I also will not knock you for supporting anyone. This is because I simply do not care enough.

This gym always has like Days of Our Lives on the television. They also have the NFL Network on too. Sports or drama? I end up watching something on Netflix instead unless they have the Premier League on sometimes.

I have a video out for Christmas! I would link it but I’m on the mobile. I’m probably gonna write a drink reaction today. The fridge is packed with leftover goodies that things need to get taken out of it.

I got NOS in those blue bottles I like for Christmas! I was very happy. 2 bottles!

I had an awesome dream last night. I dreamt I was in an arcade and had a bunch of friends. That in itself would be cool, but the game we played was awesome. It was this team based co-op shooter where my friends and I helped fight off some alien horde where we had real gear and stuff. I was the gunslinger with two pistols while others were the typical riffle soldier or the demolition expert. Well, we got to this boss thing and we each had to carry these heavy bags with explosives in them. This big boss was in this colosseum like thing and we were each stationed on a different level of the circle. We could go up or down, but there were stairs and it took a lot of energy just to climb them. The medic guy was while I ran around dodging the boss alien’s attacks. Eventually we got to the finishing point, but my friends didn’t help me! I was the only one that had to finish the boss. I did and then went to check on my friends. Apparently a group of troll guys who I didn’t recognize were fighting them despite this being a co-op game. I ended up calling the attendant to get them thrown out but then I woke up and instantly missed the game I was playing in my dream.

The Trump shirt guy is now up gere near me and on the phone having a heated argument. It sounds like it is someone unwanted because he called them a “waste of time.” To be honest, I’m not eavesdropping. He is talking really loud.

All he wants to do is ride a bike! Come on, person on the phone. Don’t bother him!

Aw man, he left. Thanks for nothing, phone person. You made him stop his workout.

Well, I hope you enjoy your Boxing Day. I’m spending mine relaxing after this gym time.

See ya!


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