Ho Ho Holidayz

Rad Blog!


Tomorrow is Christmas Eve and that means it is almost time for the Redman to give us all presents or something.


Who cares about that! The Steam Sale is here! I already finished my buying and I probably won’t be buying anything else unless Steam says “Screw it!” and makes everything 75% off of the original price.


This is a good time of year because I get to buy games for my friends! Surprisingly, I didn’t buy anyone Cook, Serve, Delicious. I think I should. Hmm. Who would enjoy such an awesome game?


Anyway, my friends are awesome and got me some games too.


Shall we have a review of the games I got/bought?


This is my blog, so I will.


I bought Gildem the Resident Evil HD remake. It is also titled as biohazard which I didn’t know was what people outside the US and Europe know it as, so there’s something. Christmas time brings learning! I knew he’d like it because he’s played so many Resident Evil games. I was a co-commentator for some of his Resident Evil 4 parts too. I really didn’t know what was going on in the game other than there was a bunch of angry Spanish dudes.


I got Stitch 6180 The Moon with the soundtrack. I really don’t know much about the game other than the name sounds really cool and usually games with soundtracks have really good soundtracks.



I got Apotheon from Stitch. This game has always interested me because of the art. It is very Classic Greek (or is it the other style. I can’t remember anything from Art History). The game itself is pretty cool. It reminds me a bit of God of War, but 2D and more of a platform game.


Gildem gave me Metal Gear V: The Phantom Pain and The Witcher 3.

I have yet to play The Witcher 2, so I’m holding off on the third game. I’ll be playing it for sure soon. I tried the first Witcher game, but I wasn’t into the combat at all.


The Phantom Pain was really intense! I played the prologue and I was tense the entire time. I can’t wait to start the open world part of the game. My computer isn’t anything special, but it runs this game really, really well.


I bought The Sims 3 Pets because the expansion packs are as cheap as they’ll get. I also got the new Payday 2 DLC. It was only a few cents off the original price, but I told myself I’d wait for it.


I thought about getting the Kung Fury game after seeing the movie. It looks pretty fun, but I held off on it. I also wanted to get Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine, but it isn’t on sale.


If Steam does decide to make some games go further on sale, I might get Dynasty Warriors 8 Xtreme Legends. My life is lacking some Lu Bu.


Speaking of Dynasty Warriors, I was streaming Smite the other day. Guan Yu is in it and he’s pretty awesome. I doubt I’ll ever play PvP with it, but that game is fun with bots.


My last day of work is today until we go on break. I’ll be sure to stream for you. You wanna see me beat Inquisition, right? I’m sure you’ll love some Euro Truck. Looks like I’m going with a Scania truck. I’ll also stream on Steam. Send me a request to watch if you wanna. I’ll usually accept unless I don’t know you.


Cook, Serve, Delicious. Hmm. I should give that game to all of my friends. Yes. Christmas Chas is a generous Chas.



Moving off of games because not everyone that follows my blog likes video games, I’m here listening to my coworker talk to this technician about mortgages and property value. Please tell me that when I get older that my life doesn’t turn into this. The most boring conversation I’ve heard from these two is about lawn care. They spent like 2 hours chatting about the best way to mow a lawn. I know the best way! Hire the landscape company to do it for you!


This makes me question adulthood. Does becoming an adult mean I gotta start caring about these sorts of things? I really, really find landscaping terribly boring. I don’t care about a garden. I don’t care if my grass is green. I don’t bleeding care. I don’t care about the tax rate.


Yeah, yeah, I know. When I have to pay taxes or something I will, but do I really have to slug through casual conversations on the subject?


I much rather talk about how confused I am with The Phantom Pain. I escaped a hospital where some fireman (not a fire fighter) is trying to kill me. He also rides this fire horse thing. Is he a horseman of the apocalypse? How come he absorbed all the SMG fire but when I shotgun him he kinda stumbles?


I’ll be back on Christmas day with a good ol’ Bill Murray Christmas for you, Rad Blog. That’s actually a movie or something on Netflix. That Hannah Montana person is in it. Rashida Jones is too. Talk about polar opposites on my opinions on those two people.


According to reviews, it is terrible. Hmm. I might have to see it for myself. It really depends on how much screen time Smiley Myrus gets. Hey! I should write a Movie Reaction post on it! That would be fun. I haven’t done one since Sucker Punch!


I really did a number on my ankle yesterday. I really need better running shoes.


Oh yeah, did I mention I go to a gym now? I got a small workout routine too. I decided to run on a treadmill yesterday. That was a mistake. I’ll stick with the elliptical.


This gym offers some pretty cool classes. There’s a Wing Chun class if I wanna learn some sort of martial art. There’s also a bunch of boxing classes which I might end up taking when I get a little more fit.


Er. I suppose that’s it. Oh yeah! More drink reactions are coming your way. I have at least 4 more to do. You’ll see them next week probably.


In the meantime, ho ho holidays! See ya, Rad Blog!


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