Some Kind Of Mania

Rad Blog.


Time for a prompt.


Third Rate Romance


This one asks for me to tell you my funniest bad romance story. I suppose I could make it up, but I’ll try opting for a real one.


I’m still fairly young and mostly dumb so the most experience I’ve had in failed romance was during high school. That alone should make things funny enough.


This story is not so funny when I tell it, but more funny to me because of how insignificant it is to me now. I held it in such high regard when I was younger, but now I hardly think twice about it.


So, post war days I was this new and improved Chas Rad. I won’t say it is how I am now, but more like the prequel of who I am now.


Anyhow, everyone who was mad at me was still mad at me. I was off finding new ground, when I met this person. We’d originally started chatting on Booker. This person didn’t go to my school, but he or she was in the area. He or she was in one of the “rival” schools so I figured that was cool enough. Anyhow, he or she was really eccentric. He or she would have these bouts of mania where he or she would spam the Booker feed with song lyrics with one sentence at a time and then would tag people for those different lines. One song I was exclusively tagged for every line. At the time, I was like “Yeah! This person really digs me!” So we kinda played into that. He or she would always be sending me those stupid game requests too. I would also always be included in those “Tag Your Friends For Which One Describes Them Best” pictures. One day I was “hottest” which made me go “Eh?” This person hardly knew me.


Eventually I caught him or her in a less manic state and we got to chatting. He or she wanted to meet up with me which sounded reasonable since we were kinda close. On the day I was gonna head over to wherever we were gonna meet, he or she called me in this sort of panic telling me that I really shouldn’t come. I told him or her I wouldn’t and then I thought that was that.


It was not.


This person then called again telling me to come because he or she felt better. I had started doing something between the two calls so I told this person I couldn’t come. This person then got all mad at me and told me something like “how dare you?” and then hung up on me.


I wish I could say I wasn’t hooked into that scheme, but I was. I was then thrown into a sort of hysteria trying to call him or her back to explain that I was in the middle of something and that I’d try to come after I was done. No avail.


I then decided to give up.


After a few days of not speaking, this person messages me on Booker again telling me I was stupid or something and that he or she never wants to talk to me again. Perplexed, I asked why but soon found myself no longer on the friends list.


Maybe it is funny now that I see how ludicrous this whole situation was. If I could go back to that Chas and just chill with him, he’d probably wouldn’t feel so bad about it for a while. I really thought this person was cool.


I guess I was wrong. This person was all sorts of wrong, but I suppose the experience made me see it for real in retrospect. I learned something though it which is one of the reasons why I would be hesitant to try and give myself advice if I had a chance to travel back in time.


I think this time would have been decent if I intervened. I wasn’t really hung up on this person afterwards. Younger Chas and I could have had a fun time playing Dynasty Warriors or something instead of fretting over this person. Actually, it was more of a Rock Band era then. I can’t be certain.


I suppose this was kinda funny. Some people might find this funny. I can’t really call this person a boyfriend/girlfriend because I think this happened all within two weeks give or take.


I suppose I should be careful with this post because if this person ever finds it, I’m sure I’ll be greeted with mania again. I highly doubt this person will. I even went with gender neutral pronouns just to make myself less conspicuous. Flying off the radar is a good place to be, Rad Blog.


Anyway, that’s it. I needed time away from this task because I was getting really frustrated.


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