Winter In Cabo

Rad Blog.


What is Cabo anyway? It is always referred to in movies where snooty people go when they wanna take a vacation. I just assume it is warm because it sounds like it is.


Anyway, it is really warm for it being about two weeks until Christmas. I don’t really mind all that much since pretty much all of the leaves are gone so my allergies aren’t really causing me any problems.


I’ve been looking at my stats here, as I usually do, and it seems like my Lady LiberTEA post is getting dethroned as my top viewed post every day. A lot of people are looking at my Soursop post lately and Sno-Berry is close as well. That’s cool. I like seeing trends.


I have a bunch of drinks to write about here later. I guess I’ll finish up the Fruit Shoots I have first. I have one more Peace Tea as well. Yeah! I do! I thought I was done with Peace Tea, but I’m not.


I’ve also found that last Mountain Dew Kickstart I need to write about as well. It is pretty abundant, but I just really don’t wanna get it. I know I’m not gonna like it, but as a proper Chas, I must get it and write about it here.


Oh yeah, I thought of trying something new in my reaction posts. I played an arcade game recently and I wanted to write about it. Wanna hear about it? Hollah at yo Chas Rad.


That was my gangsta sentence of the day.


Oh yeah, a lot of people are taking finals this week because winter break is almost here. Good luck, kiddos. I’m glad I don’t have to take finals anymore. I do, however, miss writing papers sometimes. It gave me objective reasoning instead of whatever you call this blog. All over the place reasoning?


The daily prompt today or yesterday was a complete rip-off of a prompt last month. It asked about guilty pleasures. How many time can I write about guilty pleasures? Jeeze.


A lot of people respond with poetry too. I guess it gives opportunity to write poe-try, but I don’t really like reading it. I didn’t like it in school. I don’t really like it out of it too.


I found these R2D2 cookies at the grocery store yesterday and I wanted to bake them. The freakin’ oven burnt them and now I don’t have any. I put on a timer too. I did everything right. This stupid oven has stupid heat distribution.


This computer I’m on is a really BPOC. It is almost as bad as BPOC the Laptop, but this is actually functional. It is just super, super slow. Sometimes the words lag when I type them because it is processing or something.


I was talking to Gildem last night about this funny/cool game on Steam called Duck Game. I asked why ducks are so comical.


Really, why are they? There’s two ducks that are well known in cartoons. We got Daffy and Donald. Both of these ducks have funny voices. They are both kinda considered the “sidekick” and therefore have the unfortunate luck of being unlucky.


I still ask this: why are ducks so comical? What is it about ducks that make us think “that’s funny.”?


What are ducks? They are just birds that sit in a lake and eat bugs all day. They are also hunted, but that’s not that funny. Well, maybe it is if you give them some sort of dumb hunter type like Elmer Fudd.


Wow, technology is really failing me. Maybe this computer got offended when I called it a BPOC. It is now refusing to load anything. At least I can still type.


Anyway, is it their quack that makes them comical? What is it?


Okay now nothing is working on this computer. I tried to bring up the start menu and I tried to bring up the task manager. Nothing. Oh! There you go!


Back to ducks. If we find ducks funny, then why not swans or pelicans? They are essentially the same kind of animal. They are birds that sit on water all day and eat fish and bugs. Why aren’t they funny? Ducks look sorta similar to pelicans, but pelicans have that big beak. If anything, they should be even more comical because of how they look. Swans I can kinda understand because they are pretty mean and more known for their “beauty” or whatever.


Whatever it is, I don’t really find them all that comical. I don’t get it. Ducks are just animals to me. Donal and Daffy are just kinda there.


Maybe I’ll do a drink post today after my gym time. I’ve been watching The Boondocks as I run. I’ve always liked that show, but the latest season kinda turned me off of it. I just didn’t think it was as funny. I’ll give it another try once I get there. I saw like 3 episodes of it when it was airing, but that’s it.


Things to look forward to in Chas’ projects? I’ll be streaming Dragon Age: Inquisition soonish. I had a video recorded, but I deleted it because I didn’t like it. Sorry. You’ll never see it. Don’t even try and beg for it because it is gone! Poof!


Would you like to see a return of The Rads Cast featuring me and only me? I’ll do a similar style where I read the news and chat about it and then talk about whatever is on my mind. It will not be hours long like it used to be. Nope. I’ll have to give it a new name. Neorads Cast? No. Suplex Cast? No. Rads Cast Reborn? Hmm.


I’ll take suggestions.


Hmm! Monday Music! Yes I remembered. I’ll do that today. No drink post today. Wait. Why not both? 3 posts in a day? Chas, you are going off da wall here.


Well, Rad Blog, I am sometimes into activity. Today might be one of those days.


I might just completely ignore what I just said and this might be the only post you get today. What do you think of that, eh?


Okay. That’s enough. I’m gonna restart the browser. See ya, Rad Blog. I hope this posts.


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