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Have I ever mentioned how hungry I am a lot? Right now I could go for something savoury.


That’s a way to open this post.


I had a few things on my mind. I’ll start with the most trivial, though all of them are probably equally trivial.


I followed a truck into work today (or tractor trailer, whatever you wanna call it) and it was pretty large. Yeah. They usually are. This one had a blank trailer except for the words “Air-Ride Equipped.” I looked at it in my daze and wondered what in the world that was. Air-ride? Like Kirby? Was this truck trailer trying to impress me? Why should I care that there’s an air-ride equipped? It said it on both sides and on the back, so obviously someone was very proud of it. When I’m looking at this trailer, I’m not saying “Oh boy! This truck has an air-ride!” Why is this sort of thing advertised? Is there some sort of law or notion that trailers with air-rides need to have it labeled? Fine! You got your bloody air-ride equipped. I’m so proud of you, truck trailer thing.


I ended up looking what an air-ride was and apparently it keeps the stuff inside the trailer more secure. I guess that’s notable, but I’m sure that people who don’t really know these things really don’t care if it is equipped or not. I seriously thought it was some kind of vent system on the trailer that made the truck save gas by being more aerodynamic. That would be kinda cool.


If this was trying to advertise that this trailer company was awesome because of their air-ride technology, then they should at least have the decency of putting the company name somewhere easy to see, ya? I’m being quite serious when I say this trailer was blank besides the “Air-Ride Equipped” thing. There wasn’t a company logo or anything like you’d see on trucks like this.


Maybe I’m not thinking of something. Maybe this air-ride is a plot to confuse me on the road that I forget where I’m going and end up contemplating why this truck insists on telling me there’s an air-ride equipped. Then I keep following it until it takes me to a empty lot where there’s a bunch of angry truck drivers who kill me and make me part of their air-ride system. That must be it. I’m now officially afraid of the air-ride.


I got a “would you rather” question I’m gonna contemplate. It is pretty common, so perhaps you’ve heard it before.

Would I rather work a job that I hate but it pays a lot or a job I love that doesn’t pay nearly as much?


Honestly, I’m not sure. I mean, I’m pretty intolerant when it comes to a job I hate. If the work is way more complicated than I can deal with and the people there suck, then I’d be constantly searching for a new job. Who wouldn’t? If the pay was really, really nice then maybe some wouldn’t.


Then again, a job I loved that didn’t feel like work would hardly be a job at all. If I got paid at all for it, I’d be happy.


The main idea for me is will I make enough to survive at the lower paying job. Even if it is something I like, if I can’t afford food or whatever then there’s no point in staying.


Now, I’m not saying that just so I can say the higher paying job is better. No. Higher pay usually means that those people will be laid off to make way for people who will accept lower pay. It is a fact of life.

I gotta take the whole “is the job secure?” thing into account as well. There’s no point in taking a job unless there’s gonna be some sort of guaranteed pay. Granted, I took a temporary job, but I knew I had something to fall back on when the time period was complete.


I read once that doing something you love for money makes you think more about the money you get and therefore depreciates your love for something. It is why I prefer to stay free on things. I’d hate for a hobby to become a responsibility. I guess a lot of other people don’t mind that because they wanna make it big, but I just hope they don’t lose sight of their love of whatever they do.


So, which would I rather do? I think the job I like but pays less money. I could get a second job. Let’s personalize this.


The high paying job is in an office where I make sales calls all day. I’m not very good at it but I make enough money that I can pay off my student loan in a year and pay for rent/other things easily as well as being able to indulge in new games once in a while.


The low paying job is writing my drink reactions for a small, but still sorta known company. They’ll pay me a certain percentage per view and a bonus for comments. I will hardly make any money because not many people will read the reactions let alone comment, but I’ll still be writing my favourite thing I do here.


If this is the case, then I wouldn’t mind the drink reaction job. I could still work part time somewhere as well as continue on with what I like to do.


On the other hand, I’d be secure with that sales job in pay. I kinda suck at sales so I could easily get fired or something.


Also, the company could easily just say “Nah, we don’t wanna do that anymore.”


Yes. I’ll take that one for sure. I can write for sure and even if they don’t want me any more, I’ll still have this part time job.



Oh yeah, my last trivial thing. Years ago, my friends and I played this stupid game where if you thought about it then you lost. It was pretty popular back then. Do people even still play this game? It is kinda dumb so I don’t fault people for not playing it anymore.


That’s it. Go ahead and tell me about the job thing if you want in the comments.


I didn’t really take into account that the job I liked but didn’t get as much money for would be full time or not. If it was full time, that would make things stressful for needing a part time job to make more money. Hmm. Still, I could manage it.


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