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It is prompt time. This is yesterday’s prompt. I don’t wanna do today’s because it is kinda lame. Being that today is Monday and I said I’d do music-like posts on Monday, this fits.

Strike a Chord


This prompt asks if I play a musical instrument and/or what is my relationship to a certain instrument.


I used to be into playing music, but I never was any good at it. My brother is a pretty ace sax player, but I’m not talking about him.


When I was a wee Chas, I had piano lessons. I didn’t really like to practice and I was only sorta okay at it though my sheer ability. I could play music by ear pretty well so that’s how I got through most of my lessons.


It wasn’t until the dawn of war days where I found an instrument I really liked. I was graduating from high school and in order to graduate, I needed to take an art or music class. I’m a terrible artist, so I decided that I’d try to learn a new instrument for an easy grade. I joined the beginner’s guitar class where I had some of my good friends with me. It wasn’t until the beginning of the façade where I decided to join the beginner’s strings class too. There I picked up the viola, which was the most fun I’ve had playing an instrument. I learned it very quickly as well. If I didn’t join the class at midterm, they would have put me in the school orchestra. There were only two viola players at the school and interestingly enough the other guy’s name was Chad.


I haven’t touched a viola since I graduated, but I really do miss it. They have severely cut the strings budget at my old high school so I don’t even know if they have a strings class anymore.


I didn’t really care for the guitar class, but I wanted to be like the bands I liked so I tried to learn it. I just can’t make my hands go into the correct chord positions quickly. I picked up the ukulele instead and I’m better with that. I don’t even know the chords I play with it. All I know is that what I’m playing sounds pretty nice. Ukulele is a really chill instrument. They play it in Hawaii where you’re supposed to be relaxing.


I guess it is also important to other cultures too as I’ve seen in various other medias. My top Disney movie, The Princess and The Frog, has Prince Naveen play the ukulele in New Orleans. I didn’t know it was popular there. Anyone in the New Orleans area wanna confirm that? Was it just for the movie or are there really awesome ukulele players with jazz bands? Apparently it is a staple in some jazz, according to Wikipedia.


I also like the banjo. Apparently, I have a family history of banjo players. I had no idea until I found a busted banjo in my garage. I doubt I’ll ever learn the banjo, but the banjolele seems fitting.


As for my relationship with sounds of instruments, I am really into strings. I love orchestral pieces the most out of classical music. Piano is a close second. I really don’t care for brass, especially the French Horn. Pizzacato strings are great. Some pieces like “In The Hall Of The Mountain King” sound great with it.


I guess I really like string quartets. There’s a cool one called the Vitamin String Quartet that play popular music arrangements. At the time I was playing viola, I heard their Fall Out Boy covers which only made me want to learn it faster.


Alas! I really do wish I had a viola. Maybe I’ll buy one again some day. Musical instruments are not cheap. I probably have already forgotten how to play the poor viola. There’s a whole different clef it is played on too which I actually learned fairly quickly and even preferred over treble or bass.


Where there’s a will, there’s a way, ya? I’m sure I’d get back to where I was in no time.


Anyway, I suppose this sorta counts for my Monday music post. I’m talking about music. I won’t tag it as such because that tag is used for when I talk about bands/artists.


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