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Prompt time.

Climate Control


This one asks if I think the weather affects other peoples’ moods and if so, how do I think it affects my mood.


Well, this post could be very short if I just said “Nope. It doesn’t.”


Before I get rollin’ I wanna say I’m sorry I didn’t do a music post on Monday. I think I’m gonna do those on every Monday I feel like writing about something. Then again, I always break my rules here so I’ll probably just end up posting music posts whenever I feel like it. If you’re really itching to read one right now, check Fico’s out then. He’s got some Fall Out music there. Is it Fallout or Fall Out?


Secondly, my life has absorbed some new hobbies. I have a 3DS now so I’ve been playing the heck out of it and I joined a gym so I can look less wimpy and more band frontman-like.


Thirdly, this post is gonna be flighty since I’m busy at the moment.


Okay! Onto the post!


Does weather affect mood? I want to say absolutely it does, but only the physical aspect. The mental aspect is all in the mind.


What do I mean?


I’m gonna take the last month here for an example. The sun is almost never out and it always feels like rain, but never does. What does that do to me? I’m tired like all the time. Why is this? The sun isn’t out so my body doesn’t realize it is day time.


I have no idea how the people in Alaska do it with like months of darkness. I’d be constantly in zombie mode.


Okay, that’s just the sky. What about the actual weather? Well, rain makes you wet. That affects my mood. I get wet and I get cranky because now I gotta dry off or possibly change my shirt. When it snows, it is cold and most people don’t like going out and shoveling it. That makes them angry too.


On the other hand, snow has proven to be a sound dampener so when you actually wanna be out in it, it seems a lot more peaceful because of the silence.



All the other stuff like depression from the rain and darkness? It is all mental. In a climate where it is constantly dark and raining, there’s gotta be someone who is happy. Heck, the Vexing Point Guy David likes it. He said so in his response.


Really it is all about preference. Some people don’t even care about weather, like me. Cold snow, wet rain, whatever.


It really is the seasons I hate the most, more specifically all of them but winter. Why is this? Summer and Spring are warm. Sure. Fall is nice and crisp. Okay.


No! It is the physical aspect again that makes me hate them. Spring has things growing which means the beginning of pollen. That means, I can’t breathe. Summer is the same. Sap and pollen all over the place makes it harder for me the breathe and on top of that I’m always too hot. Fall is slightly better, but leaves make me sneeze. Winter is the best because everything is dead which means no more pollen. Also, I’m pretty good about the cold. That’s how the weather affects me. It is more of an effect than an affect.


I don’t really understand the Seasonal Affective Disorder. I had a boss who claimed he got it every winter and complained how he couldn’t wait to retire to the south. I feel like it is just an offshoot of depression. I won’t say anything else because someone might get mad at me.


So yeah, weather really only effects me in the physical aspect. I guess it is different for others. I wouldn’t know. I’m not everyone else.


Okay. Enough of this!


If I feel like it, I might write a music post today. Drink reaction tomorrow. Fo’sho.


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