I Haven’t Been Arrested

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It is prompt time!

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This one asks what did I want to be when I was 10 and compare it to what I am now.


Well, I’m gonna go a step further because I can. This is my blog and I will cover the variety of jobs I wanted as a young’n. I can’t remember exactly what I wanted to be when I was 10 so I will just do everything I can remember.


As a kiddo, all of my friends knew exactly what they wanted to be except for me. One wanted to be an engineer like his grandfather. He is one now. One wanted to be a doctor. He’s still working on med school at the moment but he’ll be there eventually. One wanted to go into business. He’s doing something like that now. Maybe not owning his own business, but he’s kinda important. Anyway! They knew it then, but I did not. I still don’t and if you have read this blog at all, you will know that I probably will never know what I want to do.


Though, when you’re a kiddo you have ideas. The first job I can remember wanting as a kiddo is to become a burglar. Why a burglar? It was in this big book of jobs thing for kids and that was one of them. I think the word caught my attention. Burglar is kinda fun to say. Go ahead. I won’t judge. Burg-lor. It is like hamburger, which is a delicious food. I guess that’s why McDonald’s had a Hamburglar as a mascot. That’s probably what I associated the word “burglar” with too. I liked his outfit. Heck, I’m wearing black and white stripes right now.


In school, I was kind of interested in becoming a teacher, but that was mostly due to the idea that I didn’t really think long-term and I only wanted to teach the subject my favourite teacher was teaching at the time. I found out in college that I’d rather commit seppuku than teach anyone anything.


Family influences weren’t strong in me. I know my friends were really inspired by their families to go into a career. Mine never really influenced me like that. Maybe I can blame them for it, but perhaps not. I am a free-thinker because of them. I did not blindly go into engineering because my parents said “Oh, your grandfather was one. Isn’t it cool? You should watch him!”


My family never had a linage of careers either. My grandfather worked many different jobs ranging from mailman to plane mechanic. My uncle has worked in many different places too from fence work to retail. No, not selling stolen stuff. Like putting up fences, Rad Blog.


If anything, not knowing what I want to do runs in the family.


So, the second part of this prompt says compare it to what I do now. Well, I work as a print shop clerk. I run copies for teachers. I fix images so they don’t look so crappy when you had it to all 60 of your students.


How does this connect to what I wanted to be as a kiddo?


Well, I said I wanted to teach. I sorta help teachers now with my printing. I see the subject matters still so I’m in that loop. Does this at all connect to me as a burglar? Uh… I’m not really stealing anything. I don’t break into places. So, no. Not at all connected to being a burglar.


It does, however, connect to me not knowing what I wanna do. I know that I will not be at this job forever. It is a fact. It is part-time with very little mobility for promotion. I know that one day I will leave this job for something better. That connects to me not knowing what I wanna be because I’m still searching. I’ve caught myself in a decent mood where I’m fine with this. I don’t need to know my passion.


People try so hard to understand something when it is usually best not to try at all. I’ll find what I wanna do eventually. If I don’t, so be it. Maybe what I wanna do is nothing at all. When I say that, I mean going through life without an aim rather than cementing myself to one thing.


Of course this will not get you hired. Do not say this in an interview. They’ll think you’re prone to leaving in the middle of something. No. I think I need to learn how to present this in an interview. Maybe something like “In the future, I see myself contributing to wherever I work happily while being able to entertain my hobbies.” That’s not bad. I’ll keep working on it.


Anyway, that’s the prompt. I’m sure a lot of people have good thoughts about it too.


Also, the new WordPress editor is tolerable. I just wish it wouldn’t automatically select “Uncategorized.” Maybe that’s in the options somewhere to make it select nothing. I’ll still be sticking with the old editor because it still is the best.


5 thoughts on “I Haven’t Been Arrested

  1. My father is a civil engineer but I never felt any desire to follow in his footsteps, I don’t think anyone in out family really influenced the next lines path. Mind you, I think the only reason I went to University was to give myself more time to settle on what I wanted to. Needless to say I should have gone a different route at Uni and gone down the teaching room.

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    • Exactly how I think as well. I think I did the same thing with school. I was hoping to figure it out there, but it never really came to me and now I know I wish I did something else.


  2. I am now retired and had more jobs than I can remember but what I liked most was travelling. I hitched round Europe for three months and the following year went up to see the Midnight Sun in Scandinavia. worked for a bit in Denmark and eventually ended up on a kibbutz in Israel, it was a lot better then but this was in the early 1970s.

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  3. Not sure where you live Chas but I think hitching has changed a lot and I’m not sure if I would recommend it now but then I have met a couple of guys who hitched through the USA. So good luck in your ventures.


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