20 Min Boogie


So, I have 20 mins until King of the Hill comes on so I thought I’d blog on this dinosaur of a computer. Seriously, this computer knew life before September 11th. It is a bad comparison, but not really if you think about it. Before September 11th, life was much more different. We had dial up and people could go all the way to gates to see people off. Isn’t that something?

Anyhow, this 20 mins is turning into silly references. I hope my computer comes in on Wednesday. I’m sick of this desktop. I wrote an essay today. It was on a book I didn’t read or knew anything about. I hope I get a decent grade.

I don’t like that Oblong show that’s on right now. I’ve never watched it but I seriously don’t wanna. In the living room this show about transgender people is on. It is about transgender people de-transitioning. Interesting sorta. I don’t wanna watch it but I can see how someone might wanna watch it. It is on MTV. MTV should change its name to MyTV. The M used to stand for Music and there is very little of it these days. Why? Because Music is expensive. Why would I wanna watch music videos on television when I can go to YouTube and watch them over and over again? That’s seriously why they don’t show them anymore. It costs a TON for them to get those rights. MTV would be the middleman at this point because the record companies upload them on their own personal YouTube channels and make the advertisement revenue straight from YouTube. Why should MTV pay to put music videos up when no one watches television for music anymore? We come back to my point and where they should change it to MyTV because all the shows on it are about Teen and up relationship stuff. We got Teen Mom and that Friendzone show. All stuff I think kids out of the intended audience watches. Seriously, any 16 year olds actually follow Friendzone? No? I think like 10 year olds watch it and whatnot.

I was actually thinking about buying Black 2 the other day. It is slightly different from crappy Black and White in a way you can use Pokemon not from the Generation 5. I won’t, but still. Good effort. I guess.

My mom said something pretty outrageous the other day. I almost put it on Moments With Pop, but it is Moments with Ma. Maybe I will later. Maybe.

I’m tired of mobile uploads. I wanna get back into blogging on the computer but it is really hard since I have no laptop. It will have Windows 8. I’m not sure how I feel about it. Stay tuned for blogs about it. I might hate it.

5 mins. Okay. So, I’m graduating in 4 weeks. Dang.

I’m going on vacation soon. Going to Maryland. It is gonna be fantastic. I went to Baltimore once. I liked it there a lot.

Might buy X and Y if they bundle it with a 3DS. I want the new Animal Crossing. I love that game, did you know?

What is Ask fm? I heard about it on the Twitter. Might look up up now. During commercials.


Any questions for Chas? Any concerns? My fans are Rad. You guys rule. Seriously. I think my boy Armando Bailey said if you make enough noise someone will come see what you’re yelling about. You guys came over here and listened and that makes me a happy Chas.



Or…was that Garrus?


2 thoughts on “20 Min Boogie

  1. two things: I heard windows * is really good aside from the home layout, and if you’re giving up SK for real, you should make a crazy competition for your gear. OR give it to me or someone else you know whos still gonaa play. 😉


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